Gladiators' practice arena

Carnuntum’s gladiator school was discovered in 2011. 
The complex covers 2,800 sq.m. with the buildings surrounding
an inner courtyard where a wooden practice arena with a diameter of 19 metres has been reconstructed in its original location.  

The gladiator school had a 100 sq.m. training hall with underfloor heating, extensive bathing facilities, as well as a large
meeting or dining-room. Next to the entrance was the owner’s 300 sq.m. administrative offices and living quarters.
Two L-shaped tracts surrounding the inner courtyard contained the gladiators’ cells, each with an average area of 5 sq.m. 
To the north of the building complex was an adjacent extensive walled courtyard. 

The practice arena played host to shootings of the documentary film  "Carnuntum - City of Gladiators" produced for
the Austrian State Television channel ORF2 as well as Smithsonian, France 5 and SBS.

2404 Petronell-Carnuntum 

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