The villa urbana was a splendid city mansion and impressively shows the lifestyle of the Carnuntum upper classes. Those who could afford it tried to bring Rome’s standard of living to the farthest provinces. The villa urbana in Carnuntum was probably inhabited by a very wealthy citizen. Even the steps flanked by pillars that lead up to the main entrance demonstrate the status and self-confidence of its former owner.

The reconstruction covers an area of about 600 sq. metres, whereby only the public rooms serving representational purposes have been reconstructed. The whole complex presumably extended as far as the supporting wall beside the road to the south. More detailed archaeological investigations into this area have yet to be carried out. Unfortunately, in contrast to Lucius’ house, no indications whatsoever were found here that were able to shed light on the owner of this city mansion. However, the finding of about 30 sq. metres of luxurious wall paintings was remarkable. They were removed during a later building phase and levelled together with the building rubble. The reconstruction of the fragments to create a convincing pattern was accordingly time-consuming.

After years of meticulous detailed work it was finally possible to restore the original appearance of the wall painting. The splendid result can be admired in the main hall of the villa urbana, together with the reconstructed stone semi-dome.

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