The governor's guards

Following the discovery of the gladiator school in 2011 and early military camps in 2014, evaluations of the measurement results of the next meticulously examined case study revealed archaeological evidence completely unknown up to now: located on the western edge of Bad Deutsch-Altenburg in the southern part of the governor’s palace, evidence of barracks harbouring the governor’s guards (equites and pedites singulares) was found. The barracks being only a few metres across of the palace suggest these guards were at the disposal of the governor of Pannonia Superior at all times.

The fact that Carnuntum is so far the only place in the entire Roman Empire where both the governor’s seat and that of his guards were retrieved makes this new finding a true sensation. No other place along the limes boasts any similar proven traces and even in Rome evidence of the Praetorian Guard is very limited. Only a minor structure in Lambaesis/Algeria might give similar indications, but it is in no way comparable to the extraordinary scientific data from Carnuntum.

The discovery of the barracks also now explains why the governor of Pannonia Superior was in a very secure position: for his protection, he was not in need of the soldiers of the XIV. legion permanently deployed in the adjacent legionary camp, but could fully rely on his troops temporarily garrisoned in the barracks from all limes settlements throughout the province. The high level of efficient organisation involving multicultural protagonists still remains stunning today.


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