Carnuntum Yearbook

The magazine was created in 1955 as a scientific journal for the excavation and research activities in Carnuntum edited by the Cultural Department of the Province of Lower Austria. After an interruption between 1965 and 1985, it was released again in 1986 under the title "Carnuntum Yearbook - Journal of Archaeology and Cultural History of the Danube Region”. Since 1993/94, it is published by the Austrian Academy of Sciences’ publishing house and edited by the Cultural Department of the Province of Lower Austria and Carnuntum‘s Society of Friends. With roughly up to 250 or 300 pages each year including maps, archaeological sketches and illustrations, the yearbook summarizes scientific papers and current research reports on completed or ongoing projects in Carnuntum with a comprehensive bibliography on the archaeology of the Carnuntum area.


Acta Carnuntina. Releases by Carnuntum’s Society of Friends

The magazine was created in 1886 under the title "Report of the Carnuntum Association". Its title shifted to "Releases of Carnuntum’s Association of Friends" from 1948 to 1955 and from 1973 onward. Appearing twice a year since 2011, the Acta Carnuntina contains scientific articles on the latest archaeological research and finds in Carnuntum, abstracts of presentations, reports of meetings and events, a preview of events hosted by the Carnuntum’s Society of Friends and the Roman City Carnuntum as well as recommendations of new relevant publications.

Previously published:

Acta Carnuntina 6/1, 2016; Acta Carnuntina 5/2, 2015; Acta Carnuntina 5/1, 2015; Acta Carnuntina 4/2, 2014; Acta Carnuntina 4/1, 2014; Acta Carnuntina 3/2, 2013; Acta Carnuntina 3/1, 2013; Acta Carnuntina 2/2, 2012; Acta Carnuntina 2/1, 2012; Acta Carnuntina 1 / 1-2, 2011


These books are available in the shops of the Roman City Carnuntum for € 15.30, via or by phone under +43 (0) 2163 33 77-0.

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