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Roman city quarter

Here you are a guest in the Romans’ living rooms.  Four buildings were reconstructed true to the original with loving attention to detail. Underfloor heating systems provide pleasant warmth, the kitchens smell of fresh herbs and bowls of fruit beckon invitingly in the luxuriously equipped living rooms.

Roman Adventure Tour

This tour covers themes (such as fashion, beauty, bathing, hygiene, food and customs) for specific age groups in an appropriate way.  Several action stations support the programme.

Age group:  8 – 15 years. Duration: 2.5 – 3 h / Price: € 8 per pupil (with a group of 20 or more). Free entrance for 2 accompanying adults.


Young Romans

Games are important here!  After turning into young Romans, the group investigates the city quarter with their guide and learn how the youngest lived in Roman times.  Roman games are an important part of the programme.

Age group:  5 – 8 years. Duration: 1.5 – 2 h / Price: € 6 per pupil (with a group of 20 or more). Free entrance for 2 accompanying adults.

Museum Carnuntinum

The Museum Carnuntinum displays a varying selection of the archaeological site's more than two million archived findings. From March 2017 to November 2020, Roman military will be at the focus of the new exhibition "Rome's Eagle – Carnuntum and the Caesar's Army".

Legionary life

Pupils are introduced to Carnuntum’s military everyday life and history.  An interactive and playful tour enables them to try out Roman military equipment such as helmets, chain mail, tunics or field pack.

Age group:  8 – 12 years. Duration: 1h 25 min / Price: € 6 per pupil (with a group of 20 or more). Free entrance for 2 accompanying adults.

In the service of the emperors

This program makes pupils discover the everyday world of the Roman military by not only talking about the legionaries stationed along the limes, but also about the lives of their wives and children.

Age group:  13 – 19 years. Duration: 1h 25 min / Price: € 6 per student (with a group of 20 or more). Free entrance for 2 accompanying adults.











Carnuntum for adventurers

You and your school class are dedicated Carnuntum fans and would like to take a little closer look at the Roman city? Then combine several programs with each other for a class hike or multi-day stay including accommodation! We are happy to put together you an individually tailored offer for you.


Adventure Days

These Adventure Days enable your class to experience Carnuntum at close hand in all our locations with the chosen module.  Hikes and evening torchlit processions complete the adventure programme in Petronell und Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.  The class can either spend the night in the Amphitheatre’s military city or in the city quarter’s public baths.  Journey to Carnuntum by train or your own coach, board is included in the package. 

Price upon request. 
Tel + 43 (0) 2163/3377-799 or agnes.schillo@carnuntum.at


Expedition Carnuntum

We can put together an individual hiking programme with guide to the Heidentor, the Roman city quarter, the large public baths (so-called palace ruins) or both Amphitheatres. 

Age group:  8 - 19 years
Whole day (ca. 6 h incl. breaks) / € 12 per student (with a group of 20 or more)
Half day (ca. 3 h incl. breaks) / € 8 per student (with a group of 20 or more)
Free entrance for 2 accompanying adults.


Military City's Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg introduces visitors to the world of gladiators. A multimedia exhibition uses original finds and short film sequences with the four main protagonists of the combats as to give a glimpse behind the scenes of this Roman sports phenomenon. 


The Amphitheatre comes to life

With fun special tests pupils explore the Amphitheatre, which was once the scene of spectacular gladiator fights.  In addition, special themes such as the Roman army and sport are covered in more detail, achieving the learning objectives. 

Age group:  10 – 14 years. Duration: 2.5 – 3 h / Price: € 8 per student (with a group of 20 or more). Free entrance for 2 accompanying adults.

Archaeology comes to life

Here the students take a closer look at the work of the archaeologist.  In small groups they are given archaeologist’s tools – spade, pickaxe, brush and trowel – and try these out in prepared areas of the excavation. 

Age group:  10 – 14 years. Duration: 2.5 – 3 h / Price: € 8 per student (with a group of 20 or more). Free entrance for 2 accompanying adults.










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Key information for schools

Varied school programs at three main venues

  • scientific evidence-based cultural mediation
  • tailored to individual needs and interests
  • partly barrier-free 
  • interactive
  • restaurant in the Roman City Quarter
  • free cancellation up to 7 days prior to booked date
  • min. group size 20 pupils
  • presentation of booking confirmation at cash desk upon visit
  • guided tours in foreign languages available
  • Please kindly also book tickets for visits without a tour ahead of time!

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Directions & distances

Distances between venues and train stations/between individual venueskmPiktogramm Fahrzeug.jpgPiktogramm Fußgänger.jpg
Roman City Quarter – Civilian City's Amphitheatre/Gladiator school 0,8 --- 10 min.
Roman City Quarter – Heidentor (Heathen's Gate) 1,5 3 min. 20 min.
Roman City Quarter – Military City's Amphitheatre 3,0 5 min. 45 min.
Military City's Amphitheatre – Museum Carnuntinum 2,5 5 min. 40 min.
Roman City Quarter – Train station Petronell-Carnuntum 1,5 3 min. 20 min.
Military City's Amphitheatre – Train station Bad Deutsch-Altenburg 2,0 4 min. 30 min.
Vienna city border – Roman City CarnuntumkmPiktogramm Fahrzeug.jpg
Vienna – Roman City Quarter/Civilian City's Amphitheatre/Gladiator school 45 approx. 35 min. approx. 60 min.
Vienna – Military City's Amphitheatre 47,5 approx. 40 min. ---
Vienna – Museum Carnuntinum 50 approx. 45 min. approx. 70 min.

Roman City Quarter
Hauptstraße 1A
2404 Petronell-Carnuntum

Military City's Amphitheatre
Wiener Straße 52
2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg

Museum Carnuntinum
Badgasse 40 - 46
2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg


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