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Weedings, business incentives or private celebrations: Carnuntum's Roman atmosphere provides an extraordinary backdrop for guest events off the beaten track.

Carnuntum’s three locations provide a suitable setting for your company’s function or your anniversary. 

Numerous bridal couples have also decided to celebrate the loveliest day of their lives in Roman surroundings. Whether a registry office wedding in the villa urbana or the wedding banquet in the elegant setting of the Roman baths – in Carnuntum this is an experience which you will look back to with pleasure.

All the Roman buildings as well as the two Amphitheatres can be rented exclusively and all have basic technical facilities as well as adequate parking space.

We offer individual service and support, professional handling and our determination to do everything in our power to make your event a success! Catch a glimpse of what private Roman festivities can resemble with this recording of a Roman wedding ceremony:

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