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Caesar's trophy

This teambuilding program offers you a taste of the world of the Caesars, legionnaires and upper-class Roman citizens with a mix of playful competition and fascinating infotainment.

In the footsteps of the Romans

Guided tours of 1 or 2 hours at the venues of your choice are ideal for all types of visitors: families, senior citizens or groups of friends interested in Carnuntum's Roman past.

Culinary journey back in time

Roman savoir-vivre is at the core of this culinary programme. Prepare for a stroll through the Roman city quarter crowned with a Roman mulled wine tasting and delicious finger food.

Birthdays in Carnuntum

Carnuntum raises its glass to birthday children of all ages. Dressed in ancient Roman clothes, the party guests set off for the city quarter to cook Roman food and try out all sorts of activities.

Rome's Eagle

Carnuntum and the Caesar's army. The exhibition at the Archaeological Museum Carnuntinum outlines the Roman army’s impact on settlements, economy and social life in Carnuntum.

Incentives & rentals

Weedings, business incentives or private celebrations: Carnuntum's Roman atmosphere provides an extraordinary backdrop for guest events off the beaten track.

Roman delicacies

Culinary highlights made of original Roman recipes are served as a 5 course menu with Roman musicians in the villa urbana. In between, guests can take a peek at the cooks at work.

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