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Discover the ancient Roman World and explore the Roman City Quarter and the Museum Carnuntinum as part of an exciting tour.

Highlights in the Roman City Quarter

You get a compact overview of the history and life of the Romans in Carnuntum. During the tour you will visit the highlights of the reconstructed buildings in the Roman City Quarter. The path leads you to the magnificent city palace villa urbana and the impressive Roman Baths with antique underfloor heating that is operated continuously.

Duration: 1 h
Price per Ticket: € 13,-
Minimum group size: 20 people




Big City Tour

To get a detailed insight into all reconstructions in the Roman quarter, we recommend our two-hour program. In addition to the highlights, you will also see the House of Lucius, the amphora warehouse of the Oil Merchant and the Domus Quarta with a preserved floor mosaic.

Duration: 2 h
Price per Ticket: € 16,-
Minimum group size: 20 people




Museum Carnuntinum

Rome's Eagle - The exhibition in the archaeological Museum Carnuntinum is dedicated to the extensive military and civil tasks of the Roman army. Embark on an exciting journey through the military and settlement history of Carnuntum. Ancient original finds provide very personal insights into the world of Roman legionarie

Duration: 1 h
Price per Ticket: € 13,-
Minimum group size: 20 people




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