Festival of Late Antiquity


Carnuntum’s second major event in 2017, more then 100 re-enactors back on life in late antiquity.

After its premiere in 2016, the new event format "Carnuntum 333. Festival of Late Antiquity" will be continued in 2017. Up to 100 reenactors from Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Switzerland prepare to bring ancient history back to life at the Roman City Quarter from 12 to 15 August. The protagonists – soldiers, senior officials, civilians, craftsmen, musicians or Germanic tribes – will put on cavalry and infantry parades, battles, wedding and hunting scenes, opulent banquets, competitions, military exercises and much more.

Onlookers can meander through the park from one setting to the next, turned into a huge scenery, thus becoming part of the re-enactment themselves.




Subject to alterations, detailed information will follow at a later date.

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