Buildings plans for the roman city quarter

The purpose of future construction measures is to give an authentic insight into the structure of an ancient city quarter, so the name "Roman city" seems justified.

In the past 20 years the areal of the museum in Carnuntum changed radically. At the beginning the appearance of the archaeological areal was shaped by ancient ruins. Now the name “Roman City” seems pretty justified. The past returns to life while walking through the three completely reconstructed buildings with true to original furniture, magnificent mural paintings, functional kitchens and the roman underfloor heating in the thermal baths.

In addition to the archaeological findings, the roman people and the living in the historic Carnuntum is in the focus of the representation. To push this impression a further extension of buildings in the roman city quarter is planned. The main intention is to show a complete roman city block (insula) surrounded by original roman streets which would be worldwide unique.

In 2017 there will be started with a first section to show the surrounding buildings on the roadside of the street in the south. To get a realistic impression of the former appearance the walls of the area of House 1 and Lucius’ House will be reconstructed. The entire building plans shall support an authentic impression of a roman city quarter, so the visitors can literally stroll through the Roman City.


Another step of the building plans is the presentation of the so called Valetudinarium. From this former market area there are currently only the rudiment walls remaining. The reconstruction of the Valetudinarium should close the ranks between the thermal baths and the villa urbana. In the future it can also be used for living history events. After the completion of the excavation and the scientific interpretation of results we will also think about possible reconstruction measures for the southern area in the villa urbana.

The roman insula is surrounded by original streets from the roman times. At the moment the streets in the north, the west and the south of the city block are already excavated. As a last part also the street in the east will be restored.


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