Guided tours

Wether culinary tastings, one-hour tours without pre-reservation on the weekends or activity programs: Carnuntum caters to all visitors' interests.

Getting there

45 km east of Vienna and 25 km west of Bratislava, Carnuntum is easy to reach by train and car. The Grey Line of the HOP ON HOP OFF bus operates between Vienna and Carnuntum on weekends & public holidays.

Carnuntum with kids

Carnuntum is both an adventurous playground and inspiring leisure time programme for children. Child-fair infotainment in a large outdoor area with plenty of space for romping around is ideal for a family weekend trip.


Culinary demands are fully satisfied in Carnuntum. The restaurant Forum Culinarium at the Roman City Quarter and the Kurzentrum Ludwigstorff near the Museum Carnuntinum offer a large range of dishes.


Evidence-based reconstructions with fully furnished and functioning houses make ancient Roman life from over 1.700 years ago palpable in the Roman City Quarter.

Accessibility in Carnuntum

We are eager to offer as many visitors as possible barrier-free access to Carnuntum as best we can. Please check out our options to ensure an enjoyable visit.

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