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Roman City Quarter
Hauptstraße 1A
2404 Petronell-Carnuntum

Museum Carnuntinum
Badgasse 40 - 46
2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg

Military City's Amphitheatre
Wiener Straße 52 
2405 Bad Deutsch-Altenburg 

By Car

From Vienna

A4 (in direction of Budapest/airport) - exit Fischamend/Bratislava
B9 (Pressburger Bundesstraße, Richtung Hainburg a.d. Donau) to Petronell-Carnuntum or Bad Deutsch-Altenburg

Duration: approx. 35 min

From Eisenstadt / Neusiedler See

B50 (Burgenland Bundesstraße) in northeastern direction until Neusiedl a. See – change to A4 (in direction of Vienna) - exit Bruck a.d. Leitha OST (in direction of Rohrau, Hainburg a.d. Donau) - B211 (Rohrrauer Bundesstraße) until the diversion to Petronell-Carnuntum or Bad Deutsch Altenburg

Duration: approx. 50 min

From Bratislava

B9 (Pressburger Bundesstraße) in direction of Vienna to to Petronell-Carnuntum or Bad Deutsch Altenburg

Duration: approx. 30 min

By Train

From Vienna

Schnellbahn S7 in direction of Wolfsthal from Wien Mitte to Petronell-Carnuntum and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg. Departure on working days once an hour at 19 min. past the full hour. 

Duration: approx. 60 min

From Eisenstadt / Neusiedler See

Take the regional train via Neusiedl/See to Bruck/Leitha; change to regional busses 574 or 575 to Petronell-Carnuntum trainstation. 

Duration: approx. 90 min

From Bratislava

Take the regional MHD bus No. 901 from „Nový most“ or „Petržalka/Einsteinova“ to Hainburg a.d. Donau. Change to Schnellbahn S7 to Petronell-Carnuntum.

Duration: approx. 90 min

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