Lucius' house

The so-called Lucius’ house was the first fully-functioning structure that was reconstructed in Carnuntum on the original site using methods of experimental archaeology. The house was given its name after an inscription that was found on site during earlier archaeological investigations. This inscription refers to a certain Lucius Maticeius Clemens, who was very probably a former owner of the house.

The house shows very clearly the standard of living among Carnuntum’s middle classes. The generous dimensions of the house and the durable furnishings are an indication of the considerable prosperity attained by many citizens in the city. Situated at the crossroads of the Amber Road and the Limes Road, Carnuntum was an important trading centre for all kinds of goods. It is therefore not surprising that Lucius Maticeius Clemens probably also gained his wealth as a merchant. No remains of materials that would indicate a craft were found during the archaeological investigations. This suggests that Lucius Maticeius Clemens could have been a cloth merchant, since organic remains – such as material – would not have survived for centuries.

It is certain that originally both floors of the house were occupied. The investigations, however, gave no indications whatsoever of the use or even the furnishings on the upper floor, which is why only the ground floor has been completely reconstructed and decorated. For the first time

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