• Amphitheatre


    Built in the 2nd century A.D., this complex was situated South of the settlement, outside of the city walls.
    Animal and gladiator fights served as main attractions while it was also used for assemblies and other events.

  • Gladiator School

    Gladiator School

    The gladiator school was discovered in 2011 with the help of geophysical prospection methods. The 1.700-year-old structure situated directly next to the amphitheatre spanned 12.000 square metres  and housed between 40 and 60 gladiators.

  • Ancient Civilian City

    Ancient Civilian City

    The Civilian City encompassed an estimated area of 67 ha and was surrounded by a city wall. Under Hadrian, the settlement received the city rights henceforth carrying the name Municipium Aelium Carnuntum. Owed to an economic boom, the city thrived in the decades to follow. The busy main road cutting through the town from East to West was part of the limes road. Both the forum and the forum’s thermal baths could be found here.

  • Forum


    The forum formed the administrative, economic and religious focal point of every Roman city. Its centre was dominated by the temple of the Capitoline Trias next to which municipal buildings and the city archives were located.

  • Roman City Quarter

    Roman City Quarter

    Haus des Lucius_olschinsky 5_800x480px.jpg

    Apart from the forum’s thermal baths and the amphitheatre, the so-called “Spaziergarten“ as part of the Roman City Carnuntum is one of the few excavated areas of this once vast and magnificent town. Four reconstructed buildings are on display for visitors to tangibly experience ancient Roman life.

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