In the Military City

The amphitheater was built of stone in the 2nd century AD, complete with tiered seating that accommodated crowds of up to 8,000 people. Given its location right by the legionary fortress, it was certainly also used for drills and riding exercises.

Carnuntum App With the Carnuntum App, you take the vantage point next to the amphitheater with a view of the legionary fortress.

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Exhibition about Gladiators

The two amphitheaters and the gladiator school attest to the high esteem in which gladiators were held in ancient Carnuntum. A multimedia exhibition next to the amphitheater in the military city gives insights into the world of these arena combatants in ancient times.

In the Civilian City

The amphitheater in the civilian city was situated outside the ancient city walls and was built at the end of the 2nd century AD. On either side of the gates, the arena was surrounded by tiered seating that accommodated about 13,000 spectators. The amphitheater in the civilian city is about a ten-minute walk from the Roman city quarter.

Carnuntum App With the Carnuntum App, you can gaze up into the stands of the amphitheater from the middle of the arena as the gladiators once did.

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Training Arena for the Gladiators

Right next to the amphitheater in the civilian city was the gladiator school of Carnuntum, first discovered in 2011. The premises also had a training hall, their own baths and a large assembly space. The inner courtyard featured a wooden practice arena 19 meters in diameter, which has been reconstructed at its original site next to the amphitheater.

Carnuntum App Standing directly by the amphitheater arena in the civilian city, you can take a virtual look at the gladiator school using the Carnuntum App.

The gladiator school of Carnuntum

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