Program for children

Program for children

Children at the Festival of Late Antiquity

The Festival of Late Antiquity has become a favorite family excursion and 2019 will be no different. Both days offer countless activities, which are sure to delight children in particular. From authentic children’s games from the 4th c AD to fairy tales, stories of adventure or the legionnaires’ presentations for children,  the entire family is sure to get their money’s worth!

The cast reenacting the Festival of Late Antiquity authentically depicts life as it was in the Roman city quarter in ancient Roman times. Families can take a journey back in time together for a first-hand look at the everyday life of the ancient Romans. You, too, can become an onlooker of history and experience the life, crafts, work, and the training of legionnaires in Late Antiquity. For children, Carnuntum is a unique opportunity to grasp history vividly with all five senses.

There are plenty of hands-on experiences at the Festival of Late Antiquity! Fun and diverse activities are offered for kids big and little and are sure to leave a lasting impression. Children’s games from the period, fairy tales, and drills with the legionnaires are just a few highlights.


Our recommendation

A lively presentation of Late Antiquity -  you are sure to find just the right program for children here, big or little!  


Children drills

After the reenactors finish their drills, it is the children’s turn. In these drills for children, young fans of ancient Rome can immerse themselves in the world of the legionnaires and try out a number of fun exercises themselves.


Roman fairy tales

In the camp of the Alamanni group known as the Brisigavi, children can look forward to hearing fairy tales and adventure stories. These engaging stories from Late Antiquity stimulate the imagination of young and old.


Children’s games

Delta, Rota, games of skill and other games were also very popular with children in ancient times. Young fans of ancient Rome can show their skills playing games of a bygone age.


Spontaneous scenes

Stroll with your children through the Roman city quarter and the camp of the reenactors. Spontaneous performances and scenes are acted out all day long by the performers. Keep your eyes open for them


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