Legio Dacica


Legio Dacica is a reenactment group, part of the larger Cultural Association Enciclopedia Dacica. Its purpose is bringing to life the ancient cultural heritage of Romania, focused on the Classical Antiquity.

This period in Romanian history is known as the Dacian Kingdom, an important political structure in the area, important enough to have drawn the attention of the Roman Empire. This clash of cultures culminated with two Great Daco-Roman Wars between 101 and 106 AD, after which the Dacian Kingdom became the Dacian Province.

In real life, the reenactors from Legio Dacica are archaeologists, historians, martial artists, blacksmiths with main focus on the military phenomenon and second on the cultural and material elements of the Dacian Kingdom. Reenactment festivals at Carnuntum became a tradition in Legio Dacica which proved to be very fruitful in the European context of common historical heritage.


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