Corpus Equitum Legionis X Equestris


The Corpus Equitum Legionis X Equestris, in short Corpus Equitum, exhibits two Roman cavalry troopers, belonging to the corps of 120 legionary troopers.

These men formed the core of the best and the bravest, hand picked from the legionary soldiers and forming the elite guard of the high ranking officers, governors, scouting for the legion on the march, transmitting orders and messages. They were also the hench men of the legats and the tribunes to carry out delicate duties. Most of them got promotion to the cavalry section of the Pratorian Guard.

One trooper with horse is equipped and armed in the fashion of the first half of the first century A.D., while the second trooper takes his plkace in the second half of the century.

The Corpus Equitum exists for more then 15 years, riding and presenting the project all over Europe with its own trained Berber horses. It is affiliated to the wonderful site of the Archéoparc de Malagne Roman villa in Belgium – at Rochefort.

All equipment and weaponry are made in respect with the original artefacts and presentations, maintaining the highest quality level of reconstruction.

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