Scytia Minor Association for historical Re-enactment




Our association was founded in the distant Scythian province in present Bulgaria. We have over 10 years of experience in historical reconstruction. The activities of our club are aimed at the restoration of our events from ancient Thracian-Hellenistic and Roman history, reconstruction of events relating to our glorious ancient past. The bigger part of our equipment is produced in our club fabrica. In 2019 will be marked anniversary 2010 years of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. This year, our club presents one of the destroyed legions in the Teutoburg Forest LEGION XVIII LYBICAE. We in our club have done our best to prepare for this historical period. It would be a good idea to honor this destroyed legions. We in our club have stantly appropriate Roman equipment for these historical periods: from Republic Periodand 1st to 3rd B.C.and as well for the Imperial Period 1,2,3 4,5,6-th century A.D. We are also well prepared and equipped with, Thracian, Hellenistic equipment. We have three professional trumpeters musicians, who can play on Corno and Tuba.

Corpus Equitum Legionis X Equestris

Familia Gladiatoria Carnuntina

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